Lubricant Product Line

Reduce the risk of equipment failure when you invest in quality lubricants from Consumer Oil & Propane. We carry a full range of quality lubricants from respected global lubricant brands, including Phillips 66, Shell, Mobil, Citgo, Castrol and Old World. We also have house brand and private label brands, North American and Peak products. These products are available for your convenience in bulk, totes, drums, kegs, pails, tubes and cases.

We also carry renewable lubricants, as well as food-grade and biodegradable hydraulic oils. We have a full line of cleaners, antifreeze, diesel fuel treatment, brake cleaner, fuel injector and octane booster.

Oil Analysis

Applying the wrong lubricant to your fleet or equipment can have disastrous consequences. We provide expert analysis of your lubricant needs so that your equipment is always protected using lubricants that meet its exact specifications. Our consultants will determine the appropriate application requirements and ensure you don’t suffer equipment breakdown because of a badly-matched lubricant.

Product/Safety Data

Specific product data, as well as safety data, are essential for your safety and compliance when using lubricants. Please click below for access to specific product information from our brands.

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